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Alice in Wonderland 2011

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Our Panto this year - Alice in Wonderland,
It took quite some time - before we could all understand,
We rehearsed day and night - and we suffered bad weather,
Some of us really - at the end of our tether.

The production team worried - would it be alright,
Some of the rehearsals - not a pretty sight,
But we worked really hard - until it came good,
And then it came off - as we hoped it would.

James as the Knave - quite frightening and loud,
The way he performed - he stood out from the crowd,
But as I told you last year - too good to be true,
So little Alice transformed him - to a stone statue.

Phil as the Dame - what can I say?
Fancied the Hippies - in a serious way,
The girls were quite safe - none shed a tear,
But the boys all approached him - with trepidation and fear.

Beth and Sue - as Dum and Dee,
Could get quite boisterous - plain for all to see,
But between you and me - and just on the quiet,
They both need to start - a serious diet.

Hannah as Alice - has played a brilliant part,
To the cast and the audience - she has won all their hearts,
So I'm not going to say - anything of her that's bad,
They didn't make them like that - when I were a lad.

Des as the King - not the baddy this year,
Not even frightening - and often in fear,
The Queen was so dominant - and bossy at times,
That sometimes it caused him - to forget his lines.

Audience participation coming up.

Annie as Queen - so regal and fine,
She played her part well - remembered every line,
She must have learned them - each night when in bed,
Her favourite of course - "Off with his head".

Meurig the Jester - told lots of jokes,
Where did he find them - from loads of folks?
Or maybe he bought them - for a few smackers,
But more likely of course - from his Xmas crackers.

The chorus of course - were the stars of the show,
We were Gardeners and Wonderlanders - even Hippies you know,
And then we were Miners - digging for gold,
Where did the money go - let the mystery unfold.
John Cole as the Wizard - counting his money,
Made his fortune from us - and that isn't funny,
His rings and his chains - all made from our gold,
No percentage for us - of those that he sold.

Gareth and Nick - as Deuce and the Ace,
They made a big error - and got egg on their face,
They planted white roses - when they should have been red,
Which nearly resulted in - "Off with their heads".

There's Maciek and his army - what a complete shower,
How did they manage - to keep the Queen in her power,
They couldn't march or even - stay in their ranks,
Next time please put them - inside armoured tanks.

Jan and Lisa - Mad Hatter and March Hare,
They scoffed all the food - it just isn't fair,
We provided their service - as much as we were able,
But heaven knows what went on - under that table.

Caitlin as Sat Nav - got us lost every night,
We went round in circles - such a terrible plight,
So how could we get out - of Muddleup Wood?
With a rod and a leyline - then we certainly should.

Rachael and Hannah - the Prince and Princess,
They both looked the part - in a suit and a dress,
They got on so well - and wanted to wed,
But Rachael went out - to have a fag instead.

You have to admire - the people backstage,
They did really well - considering their age,
They prepare all the props - and change all the scenes,
Where would we be - without them in our team.

Our front of house team - so professional and smart,
They dress themselves up - and really look the part,
They sell raffle tickets, refreshments - as much as they can,
But I'm sure they long to be - hippies - far out man.

I'd like to say thank you - to all of you others,
The dressers, the make up - and and of course the mothers,
The lighting, the band - and Mr Mole on sound,
We wouldn't survive - without these people around.

And finally - I'd just like to say,
How great it's been - being part of this play,
The family of Panto - a fantastic team,
And long may it prosper - bringing happiness supreme.


John Sidebotham